Windchill Misting Fan Keeps You Cool and Repels Pests

Outdoor misting systems have become commonplace, thanks to restaurants and theme parks used in warmer climate region where just sitting around can be a test of will. Although there are full sized home misting systems out there, we're more partial to a small footprint solution like this Windchill Misting Fan, merging two low tech components of a fan and hosed in water into an outdoor "air conditioner" of sorts (supposedly up to 950 square feet)...

A four-nozzle hub of the Windchill Misting Fan creates a fine mist and three speed settings has the added benefit of keeping flying pests like flies and mosquitoes from your outdoor dining areas without the need for chemicals or zappers. Only wish the fan was designed with a bit more thought to the form, but what do you expect from SkyMall?

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