Wine Storage From Antique Railroad Supplies

For the last 4 years I've lived within a stone's throw of 6 major railroad tracks. Some might call it loud, I call it homey. And the result is that there's an amazing amount of debris and old parts lying around for the taking. (Don't worry, we asked). Even though I've conjured up all sorts of ways to put those parts to use, making a wine rack was never one of them... until now!

This wine rack comes from Rail Yard Studios and has a serious amount of history behind its parts. The center pole is a railroad tie dating back to the early 1900's and the metal bits aren't far behind it. Although you'll need to email for the price of this piece, I think with a little bit of scavenging you might be able to recreate the look at home without too much trouble.

Do you like the look or would you be afraid of breaking your bottles on a surface of this nature? I think it's a fun look that makes a statement though, although you should make sure it's anchored to the wall or floor if you make one at home.

You can find more salvaged railroad pieces over at Rail Yard Studios.

(Image: Rail Yard Studios)

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