It's chilly! Aside from turning up the heat in your home, here are five ways to add cozy touches to the living room.
  1. If you don't already have a couple of go-to throw blankets for the season, then you really must acquire some! For the budget-conscious, thrift stores are gold mines for often handmade blankets and throws that are perfect for the living room in winter. If you do have them, bring them out! Roll them or fold them up and put them in a basket that is easily accessible in the living room. That way you don't have multiple blankets all over your sofa, but they are readily accessible for coziness-inducing warmth! Kristen F. Davis knows what we're talking about---this photo is from her living room, seen on her blog.
  2. Add warm, ambient light. Instead of just turning on the overhead light, which can be cold and harsh, utilize two or three lamps that emanate a warmer, more intimate glow. If you have all white shades and are struggling with capturing an appropriate glow, put in an amber bulb for the season. This Crimean Pinecone lamp from Russian designer Pavel Eekra is an perfectly interesting example of warm ambient light!
  3. Sheepskin pillows and throws are perfect ways to inject warmth into a living room. If you're opposed to the real thing there are plenty of faux options just as readily available and equally as cozy! This example is a lovely throw from Black Sheep (white light).
  4. Candles are a great way to add coziness on a cold winter day. I'm going to up the ante with the suggestion of candles with wooden wicks that crackle when they burn! It sounds like a little fire (ok, it is a little fire!) and is perfect for those of us without a fireplace. Heck, it's perfect if you have a fireplace and don't want to start a fire! This candle White Tea & Berries candle from Leif comes in a reusable ceramic bowl...bonus!
  5. Don't monopolize the comfort---offer slippers to your guests! Martha Stewart suggests setting a basket of slippers near the door to offer to guests. Perfect if you live in an area with messy weather conditions where folks are likely to track in the winter with their street shoes. Put it next to the basket of blankets for a cozy buffet! (Ok, don't...but don't baskets just make everything cozier?)

Images: As credited above.