Winter Vegetable Garden

Winter Vegetable Garden

Nov 21, 2007

For the first time since living with our parents, we find ourselves with an honest-to-goodness backyard. We've been whiling away our weekends with busy work but finally had a chance to think about clearing a space for a vegetable garden.

A quick stop to our local OSH proved more tantalizing than even imagined and we left with armfuls of seed packets and a few starting plant stragglers.

Though it's been years since we studied the ways of self-sustenance, we're sure that our trusty Sunset gardening book (and a few phone calls to mom) will guide us correctly. We'll update you on our progress as it comes along. Our short list includes (but is not limited to): broccoli, beets, spinach, sweet peas, carrots, kale, shallots, potatoes and a handful of herbs. Any suggestions? Are you planting for the coming winter?


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