Wired Living Home: Opening

Wired Living Home: Opening

Laure Joliet
Nov 8, 2007

Wired Living. Wow, we got to go check out the Wired Living Home on Monday night for the swanky cocktail party. So many people, so much information, we have a lot to report. Our favorite features? The Toto dual flow toilet and the Rabbitair Air Purifier. See more info after the jump and check out the pictures!

The house itself is a multi-leveled expanse of glass, redwood ceilings, and sleek floors. It's everything you expect when you hear the word Modern. Interior Decor-wise, the house is filled with a mix of vintage and sustainable and as many local vendors as possible were used. We were impressed by the linen wall coverings from Hollywood at Home which we hadn't seen before. You can find all of the products (including an amazing amount of sustainable furniture) online on the Wired site (where you can browse products by room).

Don't miss the eBeam complete digital whiteboard, Panasonic Retinal Scanner, Branch Home Cain Red Chair, Agave-based wall coverings, and the Stokke sustainable shelving and benches.

On the green side: Since it's a prefab, the home was manufactured in a factory to streamline efficiency and reduce waste, allowing for the installation of the house to take less than 3 days (um, we did notice a couple of details


Here at Apartment Therapy we often deal with being Green by consuming less and choosing smaller spaces, and with all the booming 'green' design it's hard not to be skeptical of what is truly eco-friendly. But with a LEED certification in the works, it seems this house passes muster. A lot can be learned from all the technology that went into this luxury green home and hopefully we'll see more and more of it in homes large and small.

Tours of the house are happening through November 11th, buy tickets here.

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