I love household fortune-telling, so the ritual of the wishbone is right up my alley, even if I haven't eaten a bird since I was five years old. I've gathered 10 delightful wishbone crafts perfect for the holiday table, no actual bones needed.

  1. Formal Fringe created a chic wishbone placesetting, freeing your guests from having to touch bone (even if it's just plastic).
  2. Merrythought's wishbone garland is made of painted twigs.
  3. Martha Stewart made wishbone napkin charms in glowing gold...
  4. And painted wishbones, for good measure.
  5. House Of Earnest created napkin rings out of clay, no bird required.
  6. But if you prefer, Martha Stewart's wishbone napkin rings are actually bone, as previously featured on The Kitchn.
  7. Oh Happy Day's adorable clay wishbones would be fun for kids to both make and break.
  8. Start a family wishbone collection and hang them stylishly, as Bifftastica did.
  9. Cup Half Full made a quick work of art inspired by this print by Gilded Mint.
  10. Carrie Girl explained how she made sweet wishbone ornaments using a print gocco- they would also be perfect as coasters.