Wonder Walls: Marine Life Wallpaper

If you can't get enough of the ocean, why not bring it indoors? These 5 designs range from bright blue squid to silvery anemones, and each one is as mesmerizing as it is stylish.  

  1. Anemone wallpaper by Jill Malek in Goldspun colorway. $510 for three rolls at Plum Alley
  2.  Squindle wallpaper by Abnormals Anonymous in Silverheist colorway. $85 a yard at Walnut Wallpaper.
  3. Captain Smith by Grow House Grow in Promenade colorway. $180 a roll; $48 a sheet. 
  4. Terrence Payne for Hygge & West Sea Horse wallpaper in Coral colorway. $125 a roll at Design Public
  5. Coral Reef wallpaper by York Designs. $94 per double roll at Burke Decor
(Images: As linked above.)

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