Wood And Felt Playtime Furniture

Playtime by Ludovic Renson is a concept series of children's furniture with clean lines that also happens to be soft to the touch. If ever there was a concept we'd like to be made and sitting in our own home, it's this! They're a little chic, a little sweet mixed with the right amount of modern.

We love seeing pieces out of natural elements. Things like wood and felt — they're not going anywhere. Using materials that stand the test of time means you'll have them for years if not generations to come. Although children's furniture takes a beating, felt only gets "felt-ier" and wood can always be refinished.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that these hit the manufacturer soon as we'd love to own one of each! You can see more from Renson here. What do you think? Too modern for your home? Let us know below!

(via: Dezeen)
(Image: Ludovic Renson)

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