Try This: Wood Picture Matting


I love the look of white frames, but sometimes when they're coupled with white matting, they can start looking a bit too austere. This DIY from Shannon at eat.sleep.MAKE is the perfect antidote; the natural wood she used adds a bit of warmth to the look, and it's light enough and thin enough to fit any standard frame.

All you'll need for this project is:
• A frame or an old piece of matting to use as a template
• Ruler
• Protractor (to make sure your angles are perfect)
• Tape
• Craft Knife
• Pencil
• 4 pieces of basswood that are longer than each side of your frame (1 piece for each side)

Shannon's DIY calls for basswood, but you could also use balsa, which is more readily available. Here's a good breakdown of the difference between the two.

For the rest of the directions, visit eat.sleep.MAKE.

(Images: eat.sleep.MAKE.)

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