Wooden Bike Handlebars by Officine Firenze Milani

Wooden Bike Handlebars by Officine Firenze Milani

Cambria Bold
Aug 10, 2011

How beautiful are these wooden handlebars? They're made in Italy by Officine Firenze Milani using specialty wood (the sourcing of which is unknown, unfortunately). The handlebars are bisected with a strip of aluminum, which gives them a nice industrial touch while also providing structural reinforcement.

According to Cool Hunting, the Officine also restores old bicycles with vintage components and their custom wooden handlebars to create totally bespoke bicycles.

Find It: Wooden handlebars from Officine Milani Firenze (in Italian)

Via Cool Hunting

(Images: Officine Milani Firenze via Cool Hunting)

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