Wooden Postcards from Night Owl Paper Goods

Wooden Postcards from Night Owl Paper Goods

Jonathan B.
Aug 18, 2008

Night Owl's retro postcards are definitely more symbolic of green than actually green, but we do like the designs and the aesthetic of these letterpress prints on real birch wood. We'd rather use them as decor and spare them the trip through the mail, though we suppose a bit of wear would just enhance their retro charm...

There are loads more designs over at the Night Owl website. The company claims the wood postcards use very little power and no water, but we can't imagine sheets of wood could really be a wide-scale green replacement for paper. As an design object, however, it's interesting how a simple switch of materials transforms the humble postcard—which usually lives for a few weeks on the fridge before we toss it in the recycling bin—into something you'd actually want to keep.

Postcards are $5.50 each or $24 in a package of six. They can be sent for the standard USPS postcard rate.

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