Felt Coasters at Rose and Radish

Felt Coasters at Rose and Radish

Feb 28, 2008

We love felt. It's basic but cozy. It also makes one heck of an indestructible coaster.

These brightly-colored 100% Merino wool coasters at Rose and Radish probably won't fall prey to the dreaded condensation/glass suction trap. But, if they do, they certainly won't break when they fall and they'll look ever-so-pretty on your tabletop.

Anyone smell a DIY coming on...?

The coasters, round or square, sell for $12 for a set of four. Domestic Affairs, the designer, also makes placemats and trivets in the same material.

This product just begs for a DIY opportunity. The only trick is finding ultra-thick felt and figuring out how to cut it so precisely.


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