Word Clock Screensaver: Better Than Fliqlo?

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This might be the one to rival the Unplggd-favorite Fliqlo Screensaver.

This free Word Clock screen saver by Simon Heys is a typographic timepiece. It displays every single word necessary to express any second of time in the day, then appropriately highlights the words to display the current day and time. It comes in 31 languages and in block or rotary style text. See a time-lapse video under the jump...

The Word Clock is available for Mac OS X, Windows and iPhone. The screen saver is highly customizable, with typographic controls that allow you to change the typeface, leading, kerning and alignment on all the text. Position and resize the display to your tastes. Definitely an elegant, useful and cheap choice for all you typeface-freak graphic designers out there.

More information and downloads here for Word Clock and Rotary Word Clock.

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