Work and Sleep On the Same Piece of Furniture

We already feel like all we do is work and sleep. To hit the idea home, we have designers like this making "its-a-bed-no-wait-its-a-desk" furniture like this customizable unit...

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When it's sprawled out flat, the Basso Floor Mat by Arvin Abadilla is a cushioned mat that—while maybe not ideal—would work just fine for catching a cat nap just like back in the preschool days.

When you shift its pieces around a bit, you have a lazy desk that's perfect for a little multi-screen internet-surfing and TV-watching session in the living room. We're not saying this was invented for fantasy football—but we can't think of a better use for the mini-desk configuration.

It might not be the most practical thing for anyone with real furniture, but it might be just the ticket for a weekend guest to set up shop in the living room of a guest-room-less apartment.

Via HomeTone

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