Work Spots at Home: Clutter Me Bad

Work Spots at Home: Clutter Me Bad

Gregory Han
Jul 30, 2007

As much as I love a super clean and clutter-free home, there's something very endearing about an artfully messy home office/workshop. As I was attempting to broaden my musical library this morning, I found these photos from singer/songwriter Carla Bruni's album packaging. Now, while there is a fairly good chance that this was all staged, I have to applaud the details as it really seems to capture a moment in her creative process: the layers of photos and lyrics tacked on the wall, the guitars hanging like works of art, even the tilted lampshades.

If my work spot looked like this, I would be lounging on the worn carpet while tinkering out an endearing folk song that may one day appear on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack.

Photos by Bharat Sikka


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