Working From Home & The Two Pillow Method

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Yesterday we talked about using your bed as an impromptu desk and today we ran across a photo of our personal favorite — the two pillow method. Working from home is a great way to regain a little mental sanity, but what's the most comfortable way to work?

We love the two pillow method for several reasons. For starters it's easier on the knees and keeps our laptop level no matter what angle we're sitting at. In addition, working from the sofa is a nice change of pace from the desk and can be a great way to de-stress a little.

How do you prefer to work from home? Do you head back to the home office or work from the kitchen table? Is the sofa accompanied by Judge Judy an option or does it feel too lax? Sound off in the comments below!

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Image: Flickr member chispita_666 licensed for use by Creative Commons

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