If you work from home you know how productive having a dedicated home office space can be. It's not just about having the extra room to work in — it's about what you do with the space to keep the creativity alive.

You don't have to splash color all over the entire room to keep the creative juices flowing — you can actually be much more subtle about it. There's nothing wrong with leaving the walls and furniture white, just add some colorful accessories and artwork — all the more brightly they'll shine!

If you're a minimalist throughout the rest of your home, don't be afraid to go a little crazier in the office. Different textures and colors will continuously invigorate your brain and keep you pumped throughout the day.

Images: 1. The Decorista, 2. SFGirlByBay, 3. Jessica Jane Handmade, 4. Arianna Interiors, 5. Little Green Notebook