Workspaces That Make it Work with Tablets On the Desk

Digital illustrators and graphic designers are no doubt familiar with tablets, the non-iPad desktop digital pen. But did you know they're pretty versatile machines? A bunch of the tablets on the market today are compatible with a stylus pen and just your own two fingers, making a high-end Wacom tablet a heck of a lot more useful piece of tech than Apple's Magic Trackpad.

Whether you're using a drawing tablet for illustration or just as a multi-function mouse, the big bulky piece is no doubt difficult to work around. But here are five home office setups that make tablets work in small spaces:

  1. A self-proclaimed "old school" Wacom tablet on this iMac desk, Flickr member seventysevenrpm licensed for use under Creative Commons.
  2. Windows setup with a 12" Wacom Cintiq, Flickr member Ocell licensed for use under Creative Commons.
  3. A Wacom tablet features on this kitchen-table-come-desk, Flickr member adraude licensed for use under Creative Commons.
  4. A white Wacom tablet goes great with Mac hardware, Flickr member Michael Simmons licensed for use under Creative Commons.
  5. A Wacom tablet hides in plain sight to the right of a MacBook Pro, Flickr member joelgoodman licensed for use under Creative Commons.

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