Worst-Case Survival Scenario Handbook: Junior Edition

Worst-Case Survival Scenario Handbook: Junior Edition

Carrie McBride
Nov 1, 2007

Your kid may never need to know how to wrestle free from an alligator or survive a fall from an airplane (and, hopefully, neither will you), but as anyone who's survived adolescence will attest, there is still much to be dreaded about those years.

The latest book in the Worst-Case Scenario Handbook franchise is aimed at tweens (ages 9-12) and provides practical advice for sticky situations like making friends when you're the new kid in town, dealing with bullies or menacing dogs and what to do if you step in poo (answer: "the scrape, scrape, twist move").

The book is available for $10 here. Four chapters of the book are available to download as a free preview (here.)

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