Would You Buy a Cardboard IKEA Digital Camera?

First IKEA announces they're entering the HDTV market, and now they're about dip their toes in the digital imaging category with the announcement of the IKEA Knäppa, a cardboard digital camera which was part of IKEA's swag bag goodies at the IKEA PS exhibition in Milan. The product is a bit perplexing, as early reports call the image quality on par with "one of those early cellphone cameras" and the disposable nature of a cardboard housing.

Personally, I think IKEA missed an opportunity to incorporate a small hex wrench into the design as a sly nod to their build-yourself philosophy. Only time will tell if the novelty of an affordable low resolution digital camera with characteristically IKEA design will be a hit with shoppers. Some sample images to mull over at Core 77.