Would You Host Salons In Your Home?

Would You Host Salons In Your Home?

Tess Wilson
May 9, 2013
 Last night I was lucky enough to attend a remarkable event — a warm, festive, stimulating gathering in which a family opened their home to over 60 people, some friends, some friends-of-friends, and some several more steps removed (like me). The friend I went with said something like, "With everything going on in the world, this openness and trust is all the more amazing. And encouraging." 

The salon we attended was hosted by CPS Lectures, and if you live in the Bay Area, do your best to wrangle an invitation because the event was delightful. Bring a bottle of wine, admire the Richard Misrach photos and the disco ball, and settle in for a lovely evening. We went to hear Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success, speak, but it was really more of a discussion. The standing-room only crowd had a lot to contribute, and the event could have gone several hours longer into the night (in fact it might have, but we left at 10:30pm). The hosts provided wine and plenty of things to nibble on, opened their bathroom to attendees, and allowed their charming little daughters to mingle with the crowd (one of them helpfully pointed out that I was waiting by the closet door, rather than the bathroom). 

So, would you host such an event? CPS Lectures has hosted over 70 evenings, so any downsides must be heavily outweighed by all the good. I think that perhaps I'm a more private person, more reluctant to let strangers into my home, but after last night I could imagine how fun and joyful and warming it must be to do something like this..

(Image: Chris Pereze/Cheyenne Weaver's Gilded Simplicity)

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