Would You Rather? Gallery Wall Edition

Part of the beauty of creating a salon wall at home is that no two are ever the same. Once you've committed to covering a wall with a gallery of artwork, there are still lots of personal decisions to make. So we want to hear what you think: Do you stick to a grid or go asymmetrical? Is there a color scheme? Are objects on the figurative table? Come weigh in...

Would you rather have...

An asymmetrical arrangement or perfect grid?

Burnham Design vs. Hi Sugarplum!

Incorporate objects or stick to frames?

Get Your Kicks On vs. Danielle's Charming and Classic Chicago Walk-Up

Matching frames or anything goes?

Matt's Just Right New York Studio vs. Karen May Kornum's apartment on Bolig

Color-coordinated artwork or all across the rainbow?

Kenay Home vs. Madeleine & Karl's Colorful and Creative Family Home

Tell us: How do you take your gallery wall?

(Image credits: David Telford; Taryn Williford)