Wicker often seems relegated to boxy outdoor furniture or whimsical bohemian pieces. As these lovely rooms show, however, there are plenty of wicker pieces out there for people who just want elegant, textured pieces. 

  1. Gorgeous twin beds get an extra pop from colorful bedding and accent pieces. Via Traditional Home
  2. A simple couch is an unexpectedly cool pairing with an ornate marble mantle. From Luster Publishing via Bloesem
  3. The simple, elegant lines of this couch are echoed in its spare surroundings. Jose Adriao Arquitecto via Stylepark
  4. Wicker poofs add a laid-back vibe (and extra seating) to a lovely room from My Scandinavian Home
  5. Why are these wicker baskets on their sides? So they can open in the front to reveal designer Brooke Giannetti's printer and office supplies. Via Velvet & Linen

(Images: As linked above.)