Wow Dining Table

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This lives up to its namesake. The Wow Dining Table at The Conran Shop is probably the best extending table we've ever seen. There are no "hidden parts" that don't keep up with the aesthetic quality of the exposed parts of the table.

The table consists of two equal beech wood leaves on an aluminum frame. When folded shut, you've a 47x30" table. When unfolded, the size expands to 82.5x30". A pivoting arm offsets the tabletop to recenter it when opening and closing. Sorry for the small photo - there don't seem to be any large ones out there.

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Dining Tables

Regina is an architect who lives with her husband and children in Lawrence, KS. As a LEED Accredited Professional and longtime contributor to Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, her focus is on healthy, sustainable living through design.