6 Spring Cleaning Apps

6 Spring Cleaning Apps

Jason Rodway
Feb 29, 2012

We all have a mental cleaning list in the back of our minds when it comes to upkeeping the home. When all these add up in a formless shape, it's helpful to have all your tasks in one place to keep your priorities in order. What better time to give the apartment a fresh coat of shine than the impending changeover to spring? All that's required is a little motivation, organization and precedence in the maintenance to keep harmony flowing (especially when you live with multiple residents.) Here are six apps that help to encourage your cleaning potential for a brighter living space.


Left: Honeydo - Right: Epic Win
Honeydo When it comes to organizing tasks between family members or roommates, trying to stay on top of tasks can be a troublesome affair. The app that was rated number one for couples by Huffington Post has what it takes to unify the chores of the home into one neat little app. Honeydo has a built in chat application, sends tasks and activity assigner to maintain balance and ensures someone is on top of things. One feature we like is the simple view interface which declutters information into the bare essentials: overdue, due today, this week and finished tasks. $5

Epic Win
Fantasy junkies and Role-Players will get a kick out of Epic Win which houses tasks and chores beneath the facade of an epic adventure. Each task is marked as a quest, as you finish each one you earn experience, gold and loot to level up your character which is fantastic motivation. Working with your iCloud or Google calendar you can schedule regular events such as garbage day to get things done while earning rewards. $3


Left: Routinely - Right: Cloud List Pro
Routinely Apps are best when kept at the bare minimum and Routinely has a beautifully minimalistic appearance. Best used by yourself as a personal motivator to clean and record progress on your housekeeping history. Notes on activities can be written down for additional information to intricate details on laundry stains or helpful hardwood floor cleaning techniques. Graphs and charts are displayed from recorded experience and a simple color code from green to red on overdue and reminder widgets help to keep the eye on the prize. Free

Cloud List Pro
If you live in a shared house full of smart phone users, Cloud List Pro syncs with the developers servers to make 'I didn't know what I was assigned to do' an invalid excuse. Anyone with a browser can access the tasks list and even up/downvote items to make chore assignments more democratic by selecting something more suitable for yourself or relying on a first come first served system of order. Lists can take whatever form you desire, for example based on rooms, events, grocery shopping or regular tasks. $2

Windows Phone 7

Left: iReward Chart - Right: Chore Checklist
iReward Chart Teaching children about the importance of housework with iReward Chart is an effective way of watching over your childs progress while organizing preset responsibilities. By using a rewards system using predetermined prizes (extra dessert or a new book) children can see the benefits of hard work and even earn bonus points for being courteous, generous, vigilant or going the extra mile. $4

Chore Checklist
The squeaky clean interface of Chore Checklist hides a whole slew of features beneath the surface making it appear a lot less than what you see. Regular tasks can be created and scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly timelines along with being assigned colors for personal organizing. It's an easy, all in one reference for everything housework that helps keep you on top of all your work using reminders, alarms and even timers for ongoing cleaning. $1
Also on Android - $1.50

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