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Wrapsol Dry Ultra Screen Protector for iPad (front and back kit)$39.95Wrapsol

Clear iPad protective films are a dime a dozen, and I've applied quite a few films on a variety of devices with good and bad results. If I remember correctly, every one of them required a careful amount of patience using a spray bottle and squeegee to get a perfect fit. Wrapsol's dry application front film subtracts the spray bottle+water method for an easier align and apply process (the polyurethane feels thicker than any other, but retains the same clarity comparatively). And if you hate air bubbles like I do, you'll like the Wrapsol's air bubbles release feature; it took about 36 hours rather than the 24 hours listed, but eventually even a few larger bubbles disappeared. Now I don't have to worry about our cats scratching the screen!