Handwriting as Design: Sources for Script

Ever since I first saw Carolyn Quartermaine’s textiles in a magazine years ago, I've been obsessed with script as design. Anthropologie has the latest incarnation of such with their Love Letters Bedding as well as their Adorations curtains.I've sourced out a few other home décor products as well. The script and words vary from company to company but the charm of the written word remains.

1. Love Letters Bedding from Anthropologie $58- $248
2. Adorations Curtain from Anthropologie $138.00-$198.00
3. Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Ballard Designs $38- $428
4. Flowing Script Chair from Viva Terra $349
5. Manuscrit Rug from Design Within Reach $3400

Images: 1, 3-5: as sourced above; 2: Sparrow King

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