6 Devices that Work While You Sleep

Our work-a-holic friends are known to say "Who needs sleep?" Well, we do. And lots of it. But while we're getting up early or waking up late, we've got tech that works round-the-clock. Here are some awesome devices designed to help you sleep (and one famous robot that can spruce up while you snooze).

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The Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Sleep System is like a clock radio on speed. It has adjustable LED panels that create blue and white dawn and dusk simulations. It can even control external lamps to sync up with your soft lit wake-up-easy plan.

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The Zeo Personal sleep coach includes a brainwave-measuring headband and SD card memory. Upload the info to your Zeo account and have a pro analyze your sleeping patterns.

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The Pure Air System Air Purifier is a wacky-looking gadget with a specific purpose: Filter the air for dust and allergens and direct it straight to your face while you sleep.

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The Circulation-Enhancing Mattress Pad inflates and deflates every three minutes to stimulate blood flow in your back and legs for a better night's sleep.

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Sony's newest Bravia TVs feature a magic sleep timer: Their facial recognition technology is able to "watch" you and turn off the picture if it senses you've dozed off.

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And while you're asleep early, enjoying better circulation and clean air, iRobot's Roomba can be sweeping the floors for you. Check out our Unplggd Test Lab if you're considering buying one!

(Top Image: Flickr user jared under license from Creative Commons.)

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