5 Ways to Stylishly Baby-Proof Your Appliances

5 Ways to Stylishly Baby-Proof Your Appliances

Taryn Williford
Sep 8, 2010

There's a commonly held convention that perfectly stylish parents are apt to jump the shark when they decide to start a family. We choose to blame that on hideous kid-proof products. Let's face it: After you start plastering your home with bulky white plastic cabinet latches, it's tough to go back to your sleek modern ways. But there's no reason baby-proofing your prized tech has to be so... ugly. Here's 6 cool options for protecting everything from outlets to oven doors.

This is your official green light to say no to bulky hand-me-downs. Expectant parents, go out and baby-proof your home with these unobtrusive kid-proof solutions:

  1. KidCo Universal Outlet Covers ($3.99 each, or 3/$9.99) are an upgrade from those cloudy plastic tabs we remember growing up. Install these instead of your usual outlet covers and you can slide your way to safety.
  2. Ikea Patrull Cooktop Guard ($19.99) blocks little hands from grabbing hot pots and burning their fingers. It's stainless steel, easy to clean and adjustable to fit most any stove top.
  3. ProGrade Front Loader Washer/Dryer Lock ($13.49) adheres to your front-loading washer or dryer to keep doors open or closed—without being visually intrusive.
  4. Safety 1st Front Oven Lock ($5.99) is compact and heat-resistant to keep little hands away from a warm oven.
  5. Safety 1st Flat Screen TV Lock ($32.52) tethers to the wall and keeps your heavy TV from falling and hurting the little ones. Or, you know, the big ones (If you haven't seen this picture, be thankful).