Xbox 360 Kinect Fitness Summary

Xbox 360 Kinect Fitness Summary

It's hard to believe it has been 20 weeks. 20 weeks since the start of the whole Kinect workout challenge and we are happy to say that it has been pretty enjoyable. Yes, there were times where large amounts of cuss words were directed at the Kinect all seeing eye, but thankfully those were not all that plentiful. In this post we will take stock in the effect that working out with the Kinect has had during the course of this quest.

It's been 20 weeks and what do I have to show for working out with the Kinect?

1. Renewed Commitment to Fitness: The variety of titles helped me to get into a solid workout pattern and because the device is in my home, no excuses could be made for weather.

2. Increased Stamina & Better Asthma Control: All that dancing with the Kinect really did pay off in the form of increased endurance when summer arrived and I went off on long hikes and bike rides.

3. Better Fitting Jeans: While my weight frequently changes, during the periods of time when there was a consistency in video game workouts, my jeans fit better.

4. A Little Bit Stronger: Many of the activities that I loathe, ie the strength exercises with resistance bands, have helped me increase my arm strength so much so that opening jars and lifting my vintage bike have never been easier.

5. Better Posture: Friends and family have pointed out an improvement in my posture that I had not noticed myself. My theory is that by seeing the Kinect version of myself on screen, I have had an increased awareness of my body which has helped me to improve my posture.

6. Curbing Insomnia: By finding a workout time that worked well and sticking to it, I have noticed a decrease in the amount of sleepless nights. Prior to beginning this program, I had been dealing with many nights spent trying to fall asleep. By incorporating the Kinect workouts into my daily routines, I tire myself out before bed and spend much less time tossing and turning and more time sleeping.

7. Nicer Mornings: Although my preferred workout time is in the evenings, I did notice (as did my significant other) that I am much more pleasant in the am hours when I have gotten a Kinect workout in.

While I will stop reporting on a week by week basis on the Kinect Fitness Challenge, I will continue to exercise with the Kinect and will periodically review new fitness titles as they become available. Speaking of fitness titles, a question often heard is "which is your favorite?" To answer this, the following titles have been ranked in the order of how well liked they are from most to least (clicking on a title will bring you to the review):

Dance Central
Kinect Sports
EA Sports Active 2
Kinect Adventures
Zumba Fitness
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout

Weeks 1-19 with the Xbox 360 and Kinect:

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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