Yarn Bombing with Magda Sayeg

Design Milk

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A ways back I posted about Yarn Bombing: The Knit Graffiti Movement and discussed the international stealth subculture of wrapping yarn around urban structures. This time, I'm diving a little deeper with one of the founders of the movement, Magda Sayeg. Follow me...

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Magda Sayega is the founder of the 'knit graffiti' movement that began in Houston, Texas in 2005. Her group 'Knitta Please' was on a mission to make street art 'a little more warm and fuzzy'. Various yarn bombing groups have sprung up in their wake over the years.

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Design Milk just did an interview with Magda that goes into where this interest stemmed from and where it has evolved to, how she comes up with her concepts, and what goes into making the larger installations.

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To read the full interview, head on over to Design Milk. To see more of Madga Sayeg's work, check out her site.

(Images: Design Milk)

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