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Bathroom technology has been around since ancient times and it's worked quite well enough on its own. With luxury labels making a push to distinguish themselves there's been a curious new trend. Where you might customarily find the hot and cold water knobs you're now presented with a dizzying array of buttons, sliders, and even touch screen surfaces that make learning how to program your VCR (what's that, kiddies?) a cinch. Check out some of the latest styles and tech and let us know your thoughts on whether this trend should stay put or stay out of our bathrooms.

Shower/Bath Tub Tech:
8 Cool & Compact Futuristic Showers
Whirlpool Bath Tub With OLED TV
Ten Teched Out Tubs
Etoile Takes Your Shower to a Whole New Level of Tech

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Toilet Tech:
The $6,400 Kohler Bidet Toilet Does It All
“Hands-On” With the $6,400 Kohler Numi Toilet
EUN TOTO rotates between male and female mode
Giovannoni Washlet Toilet

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DIY Dual Flush Toilet
HydroRight Drop In Dual Flush Gives Options, Saves Water
Convert Your Toilet to a Dual Flush

Faucet Tech
Go Towards the Light with Tempdot Faucet

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Health Related
Intelligent Toilet Offers Instant Health Checks at Home
Sauna Wirelessly Tracks Heart Rate & Calories Burned
BodyTrace eScale Transmits & Tracks Your Progress
Digital Scales For Precise Weight Control
How Digital Scales Work

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