"The Year You Were Born" Letterpress Cards by Double Bravo

"The Year You Were Born" Letterpress Cards by Double Bravo

Richard Popovic
Feb 15, 2012

Have you ever looked through a newspaper from the year when you were born? The stories can be interesting but it is often the advertisements that capture our interest. What people were buying, how much they were paying and what they were wearing

while doing it provides a fascinating look back into your earliest moments on this planet. These cards are a beautiful way to similarly capture a moment in time.

The Year You Were Born Card from Double Bravo does not contain your average memory book entries. It is location specific and asks questions about everyday life in that location: nearest subway stops, cost of a cup of coffee and how much a babysitter costs per hour. These tangible bits of information will help bring the world into focus when looked at years later.

The cards themselves are beautifully printed with a letterpress on heavy stock and would look geat framed or are perfect to include in a memento box. If you know a little baby who is lucky enough to live in one of the areas covered, one of these would make a thoughtful little gift.

Year You Were Born Letterpress Cards are available at Double Bravo's Etsy shop for $6.25.

(Images: Double Bravo Via: Daddy Types)

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