Loft Apartment by Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Loft Apartment by Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Sarah Coffey
Feb 12, 2008

This loft apartment by Shelton, Mindel and Associates is just so sleek. The first thing we noticed was the unexpected gray-blue and red-orange color scheme. And then we saw the living room...

The contrasting gray finish on these walls makes this space really sing, and the use of such a bold accent color in the lighting fixtures is another unexpected twist that really works. Although this is a posh living room in an unbelievable loft, it's full of little details like the lamps that we'd definitely use in a smaller space.

Another idea to steal: instead of dividing the space with screens or a tall room divider, the two conversation areas are sectioned off by this long, low bench. It's an innovative way to break up the area without interrupting its flow.

We like how the curtains are hung from the ceiling rather than from the windows. It allows for floor-length sheers in spite of the ledge, and it gives the curtains the feeling of floating.

This idea works well on a budget. Instead of using a sideboard in the kitchen, use a floating shelf in a bold accent color that matches your dishes.

All photos by Lee F. Mindel. To view Shelton, Mindel, & Associates entire portfolio, click here.

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