Before & After: Our Kitchen/ Office Space

Before & After: Our Kitchen/ Office Space

Sep 24, 2008


Yes, we promised to show off our "after" shots today, but for the sake of following our own suggestion to photograph your home in natural daylight (and seeing as how we've been night-owls as of late), we'll be back with part 2 later this week. In the meantime, a reader asked what we did with the kitchen paneling so we thought we'd refresh your memories...

after, still in progress

We're true believers in the power of paint....big change, eh? Changing out the floors is in our long-term plans, but we think we might try to hit the grout with a couple coats of grout coat in the meantime. And yes, that door will get painted at some point....

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(Edited from this post published on 05.23.08)

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