A yeti might not be an obvious choice for the subject of a children's book, but this particular yeti comes across as somewhat vulnerable and innocent. Plus, he has one trait that many a child can relate to: he is afraid of the dark.

There is something very endearing about a mythical beast who eats spaghetti, has family portraits hung throughout his lair and flosses every night before bed. Coupled with the fact that he is afraid of nighttime shadows, even after they continually prove to be benign, and this yeti begins to seem almost cuddly. A cuddly yeti. Who knew?

Sharp and modern images make each page of Yeti, Turn Out the Light pop, and quirky little details (such as the copy of Yeti Life magazine on the coffee table) make even the fiftieth time through a pleasurable one.

Title: Yeti, Turn Out the Light!
Authors: Greg Long and Chris Edmundson
Illustrator: Wednesday Kirwan
Publisher: Chronicle Books (2013)

Age group: Two to five
Best for kids who: love nature and interesting/odd animals

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Yeti, Turn Out the Light! by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson, illustrated by Wednesday Kirwin

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