Yodelayheehoo: Automated Mailbox Ski Lift


There are many things we look for when buying a home but many it rarely includes an easy to get to mailbox. These homeowners in Independence, Missouri did what they could to not only help out the mail person, but also be able to retrieve their mail in inclement weather. Check out the mail ski lift, or trolley or train... or mail delivery system of awesomeness!

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If the owner did not use this system, they would either have to walk a full two blocks to retrieve their mail, or obtain a PO Box!

This hill resides on a very busy street, the same one President Harry Truman used to live on actually and all the homes have super steep inclines to separate their space from the traffic. These homeowners came up with a fun way to retrieve their mail (since their home doesn't have a set of steps that goes down to the sidewalk below) that goes right over their bushes!

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The lift system is operated by a single cable and glides along this sweet track. If we were a squirrel and had a skateboard...we'd be all over that!

It's always a treat to be driving by and see it going up the hill or back down after it's been delivered. We love seeing people come up with original ideas to everyday problems, all it takes is a little thinking — and we're sure the mail person is thankful too!

Does your neighborhood hold a creative gem like this one? Make sure and drop us a line or a picture or two and show us your stuff!

Image: Too-Hectic

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