Yoppi's Successful Plan

Yoppi's Successful Plan

Janel Laban
May 16, 2015

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Jakarta Selatan Indonesia
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Because the plan worked. Dreaming of living in a comfortable home in a country where space scarcity is an issue, is expensive. But my 350 square feet apartment made the dream alive, of course, without the expensive part.

Living here for the past 3 years has made me realized that a small space will translate into budget-friendly home because you will have to reconsider the availability of space every time you want to purchase something. It is easier to clean, took me not more than an hour, and a small space encourage you to have more time outdoors.

It's warm, it's cozy, and it pays off for the long hours of heavy traffic after office. It's nice to have something to come "home" to.

Oh, and it always smells like lemongrass here :)
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