You might think that a girl with six pair of scissors, each with a particular use, would be set for life. As Ariel sang, "Wouldn'tcha think my collection's complete?". No, sadly, it's not, not with scallop and shredding and absurdly tiny scissors out there in the world...

Scissors are such satisfying pieces of technology, aren't they? I love that metallic wooosh of the blades and the way a well-balanced pair fits perfectly in your hand, allowing you to almost draw with the blades as you would a pen or paintbrush. And sometimes, there are things you just need to cut into tiny pieces.

  • I mentioned my beloved vintage embroidery scissors that were a gift from my mom, but these Petits Monstres ("Little Monsters"!) from France are petite enough to keep in my clutch at all times. I hope that no matter how strict airline safety standards get, these will still be allowed for in-flight embroidery. And look at that gorgeous box! Well done, French scissor industry.
  • These hand-forged iron scissors from Japan are the ones that actually got me back on a scissor kick. Aren't they pretty & timeless & just a bit ominous all at once?
  • I think I'll always love a nice scalloped edge. Cute and feminine yet clean and modern, scallops can provide that perfect touch of pretty. These scissors from Fiskars are for paper- does anyone know of a good source for Fiskars' discontinued Scallop Fabric Shears? I don't even sew and I covet them.
  • I realize now that I would probably never buy these 5-blade herb scissors. I like cutting herbs with scissors, and wouldn't necessarily want to get the job done in 1/5 the time. But still- pretty cool.
  • Fringe scissors, on the other hand, I would put to good use. Everything fringed, from now on! Like this fabulous garland from Oh Happy Day!... The pair from Bell'occhio in San Francisco has 9 blades for $24, and the Martha Stewart Crafts pair has 5 blades for $13. Approximately $2.60/blade whichever way you go!
Images: Petit Monstres from Purl, Everyday Scissors from Mjolk, Scallop Scissors from Paper Source, Herb Scissors from Crate & Barrel, and Fringe Scissors from Bell'occhio (left) and Martha Stewart Crafts (right)