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According to USA Today, the average kid gets $3 per tooth under their pillow from the tooth fairy. Some parents give up to $20. Why, back in my day I was lucky to get a quarter! I also used to trudge three miles to school in my stockinged feet, lugging a burlap sack instead of a backpack. For a tooth fairy pillow, I used a lump of clay with a hole poked in it, just big enough for a tooth.

Your kids will surely appreciate one of these instead:

1. Knit Tooth Pillow by Ouef NYC
2. Wooden Engraved Box by Urban Timber Woodworks
3. Little Red Riding Hood Box by Decole from All About The Cute
4. Pirate Tooth Pillow by Fournier from Sweet William
5. Pirate Tooth Treasure Box by Pegged
6. Wooden Apple Box by Miss Natalie
7. Ninja Fairy Pillow by Just Sew Special
8. House Tooth Fairy Pillow by Apple White

How much is a tooth worth in your house?

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