You May Soon Be Able to Play With Your Pet From Anywhere

You May Soon Be Able to Play With Your Pet From Anywhere

Gregory Han
May 23, 2013

How many of us have to leave a beloved cat or dog at home while we're toiling away at work? The Petcube was designed to give pet owners a virtual connection from our beloved furred ones from afar, a pet monitoring device designed to connect to a home Wi-Fi network and allow pet owners to call out to their tailed companion, control a laser for remote entertainment, and even take and share photos of a pet to share with others while away from home...

Despite the feline enticing laser light feature, it was actually his chihuahau who inspired pet owner Alex Neskin to partner up with Yaroslav Azhnyuk and Andrey Klen to develop the Petcube. It's a concept device equipped with a microphone, 162 degree view 720p webcam, low intensity laser light, and speaker; all within a sleek 4"x4"x4" form factor. All this was designed to ease the pangs of guilt many pet owners often feel when they know their feline or canine are looking for attention.

The trio unveiled a prototype device of the Petcube recently at SeedCamp Week Berlin, with plans to launch a Kickstarter in early autumn 2013. For now, interested pet owners can signup here for notification of availability and a monthly newsletter about developments related to the product.

(Images: Petcube)

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