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Ever wanted to make your own ice cream? Our Marketplace is full of stores and resources for finding all the supplies you need to create your very own frozen treats. Check out this guide to compare options on ice cream makers, recipe books and more.

Ice Cream Makers

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The ice cream maker of choice for professional pastry chefs who need to test out their recipes in smaller quantities, the Ice Cream Maker Bowl is a must-have attachment for your KitchenAid Mixer. Customer reviews are positive across the board, and with its two-quart capacity it's also the biggest option on the market at this price point. $79.99

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Prepare ice cream in less than 60 minutes with the Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker. This machine is a cinch to use and no pre-freezing of the bowl is required. $257.95

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Sleek and compact, our editor-approved Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Ice Cream Maker will look great on your counter top as it quietly yields creamy ice creams and sorbets. $699

5093f5a5dbd0cb0354000501. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Sur La Table
Made of Durable ABS plastic and stainless steel, the Cuisinart Classic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker comes in a variety of bright colors and makes frozen treats in as little as 20 minutes. Coming in at just under $60, this machine seems to be the best value on the market.

Recipe Books

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Featuring recipes by world renowned gelato master, Meredith Kurtzman, the tail end of Mari Batali’s Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking contains the beloved recipes from Kurtzman's menu at New York City’s Otto Ennotecca Pizzeria. Flavors like sweet corn and olive oil gelato are the reason New Yorkers have declared her desserts the best in the city. $17

5093f5a6dbd0cb0354000502. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Williams-Sonoma
With over 52 recipes that cover both traditional and adventurous flavors to will delight the taste buds, the Sweet Scoops Cookbook by Shelly Kaldunski is a must-have for the kitchen shelf. $18.95

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Told from the witty perspective of frozen dessert guru David Lebovitz, The Perfect Scoop is a recent cookbook filled with stunning visual lessons and great advice for crafting the perfect ice cream. $10.79


5093f5a9dbd0cb0354000503. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Etsy
Opt for elegance with these handmade flower-like ceramic bowls from Etsy. $50 for the pair.

5093f5aad9127e2f060004cf. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Crate and Barrel
Put your creation on a pedestal and try serving it one of these simple martini glasses. $3.95

5093f5aadbd0cb0354000504. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Unica Home
My personal favorite for a simple ice cream presentation, the Stainless Steel Ice Cream Dish by Alessi lets the dessert take center stage. $48

Scoops & Spoons

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Created in 1935, the Zeroll Original Aluminum Scoop is “the end” when it comes to turning out ice cream. $16.90

5093f5acdbd0cb032f000597. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop BigKitchen
Designed with a flat-shovel like head, this set of 6 gelato spoons by Gnali & Zani are a classic design and a great deal at $11.99.

5093f5acd9127e2f1c0004dc. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Crate and Barrel
Don’t waste a drop! Slurp up your ice cream “soup” with these handy and fun Spoon-straws for 1.99

5093f5addbd0cb032f000598. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Bed Bath & Beyond
Add variety to your presentation with different sized scoops. The Calphalon Easy Release Melon Baller is specially designed for cutting foods, which means it will easily create crisp balls of ice cream in two smaller sizes. $4.99