Your Favorite Nintendo Games Turned Into Beautiful Japanese Woodblock Art Prints

Artist Jed Henry combines the beautiful and historical technique of Japanese wood block prints with the iconic Nintendo characters to produce, Ukiyo-e Heroes, a series of art prints both being exhibited and sold as unusually beautiful gamer's wall art...

If you're a Southern California resident, you can meet artist Jed Henry this Saturday at Nucleus Gallery (tip: grab some Chinese or Malaysian food before or after), where he'll be available to discuss his original woodblock Ukiyo-e prints, show a demonstration of the technique, alongside listen to a "soundtrack of Nintendo music themes played in traditional Japanese style instruments and styles."

But even if you can't attend, all of Jed's woodblock illustrations are available as giclée prints at his site, Ukiyo-e Heroes. Prices start at $10, up to $135 for some of the more intricate pieces.