Your Little Brother's Bedroom, Circa 2024

Your Little Brother's Bedroom, Circa 2024

Grace Shu
Feb 6, 2008
[ Photo from Yanko Design ]

Whenever we watched the Jetsons when we were kids, we thought that flying cars would be the norm by 2008. We also thought, thanks to Marty McFly, that we'd be professional hoverboarders, too. But those aspirations are long gone...until we spied this bedroom at the IMM Cologne 2008 furniture show. It looks like the futuristic version of a teenager's bedroom...except uh, a lot cleaner.

With the furniture suspended and slotted into grooves in the wall, this set up is extremely flexible to move around or add to. We can already see it mass-produced at Ikea as "Sängkammare Låda: The Bedroom in A Box," with six pages of instructions and a baggie of Allen wrenches and wooden pegs. Hmm...on that note...I wonder if there's already an Ikea hack of this bedroom set up?

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