The year might be new, but the resolution—to finally, for real, get organized—is all too familiar. Trust us, this is your year. How do we know? Two little words: Martha Stewart.

The domestic goddess's Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ collection, available exclusively at Staples, has everything you need to make your workspace, craft corner or family HQ as clean as a brand-new calendar. Our favorite feature is the Wall Manager™, a customizable and endlessly adaptable line of modular organizers that will have you way more excited about office supplies than you ever thought possible.

Calendar entries, inspiration boards, those reminders that you keep forgetting: The Martha Stewart Home Office Collection Wall Manager is a one-stop shop for corralling all of your everyday items, whether you need a little assistance or a whole wall's worth. (Each mount holds up to 10 pounds!) With a slew of boards, drawers, clips and caddies, the Wall Manager is home organization that works for you: Just pick your boards, choose your accessories and combine for your own personalized shrine to Got It Togetherness.

Resolution achieved — beautifully.

Create your own Wall Manager — and browse the whole Martha Stewart Home Office Collection — at!