"YUM" placemats and napkins

"YUM" placemats and napkins

Dec 18, 2006

You don't need to have fine china to add a little "spiffy-ness" to your table for entertaining. An easy way to add a little more sophistication is simply to throw down some nice fabric placemats (no, paper towels don't count!) We love these witty cotton placemats from Jonathan Adler.

They have a clever embroidery, which at first glance, looks like they are monogrammed. However, at second glance, they actually spell the words "YUM". Best of all, they're currently on clearance for a mere $2.00! And they even have matching napkins! Available in brown or white. Better snatch them quick!

Do you guys have any easy dress-up-the-table tricks? Please share!

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