Z-Broom Cleaning Kit

Z-Broom Cleaning Kit

Gregory Han
Mar 17, 2008

We've always loved those action films where a "cleaner" would be sent in to "clean up the mess" of another assassin, partially because they undoubtedly always have an attaché case filled with "solutions" specific to their mission. And though we don't plan to off anyone any time soon, we do plan to eliminate household messes with regularity, and we specifically look for household products and solutions that can store easily away in our small apartment...

The Z-Broom Cleaning Kit is a compact cleaning kit that includes:

  • Squeegee

  • Duster

  • Brush/Broom

  • Dust Pan

  • Extension Handle (extend up to 52 inches, so you can reach every nook and cranny)

  • Sponge & Cloth

  • Carrying Case

  • Mounting Hardware

This is being marketed for dorm room dwellers, but the kit looks like an excellent solution for apartment and small home dwellers who appreciate keeping their janitorial tools stowed away from sight (it even fits into a drawer. Not too bad for under $40...this might be going on our own wish list.

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