Zooey Deschanel's Personal and Public Decor

No doubt that Zooey Deschanel was chosen for the Cotton commercial as much for her personal style as for her voice. As we saw with her music room/studio featured in Domino this past February, Deschanel loves to dress up her spaces in the same way she dresses up herself. Here, we isolated a few inspiring moments from her personal space (studio), a film ((500) Days of Summer), and of course the Cotton commercial (the fabric of her life)...

Images 1-3 from the film (500) Days of Summer
Images 4-6 from Zooey's music studio feature in Domino
Images 7-10 from the Cotton commercial
(What we love: the airy living room's curtains, couch, and piano; the shot of Zooey shopping at a flea market; the enviably organized walk-in closet, the light blue chair and French doors that lead to said closet.)