Scavenger: EAMES RAR Vintage Rocking Chair for $350

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2004_12_1_rar.jpgIt is notable the lengths that devotees will go to attain vintage Herman Miller. This EAMES RAR Rocking Chair Vintage ORANGE shell w/ new Black rod/birch base/runners is a good example and has a nice story behind it worth checking out. The price is good as well. Vintage like this can go for $600-$800 at auction, while new replicas go for $350. (Note: Picture is not actual – Scott, send us one and we’ll stick it in.) MGR


  • Tiki bar for rent or sale, $150 or $450
  • Sweet daybed for $625 (!!!)
  • Mitchell Gold sofa for $800 (haggle, haggle)
  • Elegant desk for $90
  • Solid wood frame bed for $100

    (Thanks, Craig!)

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