Daily Papers

We read the papers so your apartment doesn’t have to… Catching up from Sunday:
The Times points out that people are lazy about recycling, and even more so since the city
re-started glass recycling last week. The sad thing is that when the fines come, Supers are the ones left
holding the bag. Also on Sunday, the paper tells of
the struggle of the Manhattan flower market. Same old story: rents rising, vendors leaving, old fashioned charm disappearing. Not to worry though, there are still 32 wholesale vendors on 28th and 6th willing to sell you fresh hydrangeas for your kitchen table. Get there before dawn to beat the rush.
The Post writes that wife-of-mogul-turned-songwriter Denise Rich rented her Hamptons home to a Russian tycoon for the summer for only $530,000. For those considering summer share arrangements, we did the math: $38K per weekend. Finally,
The Daily News reports that
62% of Manhattanites are opposed to the downtown stadium project. C’mon, can you imagine trying to find a taxi in the rain after a game with 50,000 screaming Jets fans? The horror.